Exercise: The Figure

Using an image of the figure plus the words ‘The Figure’ set in 24pt Arial upper case, create twelve thumbnails, with only the image of the figure changing scale.



At first I thought that it would be difficult to create 12 different thumbnails with only the image of the figure changing scale. But when I started working on this task I realized that I was wrong.  You can make countless different designs using only the words ‘The Figure’ and the image of the figure itself changing scale. When I made the two first thumbnails I was stucked for a minute, thinking about what to do next.  But then it was difficult for me to stop making new designs.


Introduce a block of colour of your choice and experiment with each element of type, image and colour at different weights and scales to create different spatial arrangements and compositions within the frame.


I consider that this was a very useful exercise and I really enjoyed working on it. I also think that it would be great to make a habit of making a new thumbnail every day. It can help improve creativity skills.

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