Exercise: Flatplan

Using one of the hardback books that you sourced in Part One, create a flatplan of the first
eight pages of your selected book.

I’ve decided to make a flatplan for a cookbook. I think it’s perfect for this task because there’re many┬áillustrations in this book. I didn’t want to make a flatplan for the book with no illustrations. It’s boring.



There’s an author’s name at the first page, her logo, book title, small description, publisher name and it’s logo. There’s a big illustration on page 2 and 3. Page 2 is also a dedication page. Page 6 contains information about the current edition, copyright notice, legal notices and publication information. 7 is content page. There’s an┬áintroduction text on the page 8 and big author’s photo on the page 9.


Sample flatplan



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