Research point: Fanzines

Mersey beat

This fanzine was founded by one of John Lennon’s classmates and helped the Beatles become the biggest band in the world.


Sniffin Glue

Sniffin Glue was the first official punk fanzine started by Mark Perry in July 1976


Ripped & Torn



Artcore Fanzine

Artcore Fanzine is a punk zine first published in January 1986. It’s one of the longest running zines in the U.K



Vague was the first UK music fanzine to be published with a spine

The End

The End fanzine existed from 1981 to 1989 and it was probably the most influential fanzine in the post punk period.

Other fanzines

 Kill Your Pet Puppy, Savage Messiah, Motorbooty, Maximum Rock’n’Roll, Ablaze, Foul

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