Exercise: Working to a brief

The Brief: ‘Identity’

Using ‘Identity’ as your theme, create several images which explore aspects of your self

Generating ideas

spider diagramm-01

Thumbnail sketches


For this exercise I’ve decided to draw three illustrationns for the three main types of identification.

1) Physical appearance

2) Biological identity

3) Personal identity


 Physical appearance

Everybody knows the old idiom: don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s wrong to judge people by their physical appearance too, but people do it anyway. So you can say that we are captives of our own appearence. This idea inspired me to draw my first illustration.


Illustration 1




Biological identity

I used very simle idea for this illustration. I think that my own hand prints can represent my biological identity better than anything else.





But the hand print itself looked boring and incomplete. So I’ve decided to add a red lip print on my illustration. This bright spot made this simle illustration a little bit more interesting.


Illustration 2000

Personal identity

 Nobody really knows what makes us who we are. That’s why my last illustration is abstract. I think that my inner world is like a gargen. If I want to feel fine I have to take care of it.

I drew this illustration on a piece of cardboard and finalized it in photoshop

Illustration 3


But I wasn’t satisfied with the result so I drew another illustration which truly describes my inner world. That is it.

Illustration 3.2


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