Assignment one Introducing yourself – ‘zine

This first assignment is about introducing yourself so that your tutor can get to know you, your interests and your work better. 

Design an eight-page simple folded and stapled fanzine that says something about who you are, your interests in books and your wider cultural influences or interests. Use text and image material you have generated in the earlier exercises as content for your fanzine, create new content, or use a combination of both.

I’ve decided not to use the illustrations from the previous exercise for my fanzine because all them are made in different styles. I want my fanzine to be kept in the same style.

I haven’t drawn any illustrations for my fanzine. I like doing graphic design so I chose 4 different fonts for each of three spreads and the cover and designed this fanzine using only letters from these fonts.




I used hubster font for the cover and here’s the result


Different colour solutions



For the first spread I used free font AYOR


I’m not sure which I like more –

the red one

… or the black one



When I studied at school word cloud generators were very popular.  I recalled about them working on this task.  I’ve decided to dedicate the whole second spread for realisation this idea. It seems to me that it’s a good way to visually show all my interests.




As for the last spread I decided to devote it to my relationship with books.

I’ve chosen the font called Paper for it.

This font wasn’t selected by accident.  It’s interesting that the letter Q from this font reminded me the form of the speach bubble.

This letter inspired me for the whole spread


I hadn’t managed with the colour palette that’s why I made my fanzine black and white. This colour combination is simply perfect.


Finished fanzine





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