Exercise: Folding

As a designer, you need to have an understanding of the processes involved in creating a book. Some of these processes remain essentially the same as in early books, for example folding paper to form pages and binding these together to form a spine.


 I folded the A4 sheet of paper in half twice and numbered the pages as they would be read


Side 1   gfwonupzbqa

Side 2   zgx3gxy3cp8

Then I cut the folded edges and made mini-book



Well, now I know how to fold a smallbook. To summarize my new knowledge I’ve drawn the diagram bellow. It clearly shows how the future book will be constracted. I marked cut lines with a dotted line and  folded edges with a black solid line.


Now try the same process again using an A3 sheet of paper, folding it to A6 size. How many pages do you create? Document your process photographically and integrate into your learning log.


Folding A4 sheet of paper to A6 size we create 8 pages. A4 size is two time less than A3 size. So it is logical to assume that if we fold A3 sheet of paper to A6 size we will create 16 pages. Now I’m going to check it in practice.

As I expected, if we fold A3 sheet of paper to A6 size we will create 16 pages.


I marked folded edges, cut lines and both side page numbers for clarity.


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