Exercise: Educational strip

You have been asked to produce an illustrated strip of up to five frames for use in schools explaining to young teenagers how to cope with the onset of puberty. You can decide on which aspect you want to tackle.

Due to the subject matter and the intended age group it is suggested that you use metaphor and humour when conveying the message – though take care not to trivialise a serious message.

The client would also like you to provide a single illustration of your character for use on the front cover. The leaflet is called What’s happening to my body? It’s all going mad! You will probably find thumbnailing very useful here to work out how each frame will relate to the others. You need to submit all stages of the development process – thumbnails, visuals and client visuals for the cartoon strip and the stand-alone illustration.

There are many changes going on when boys and girls reach the teen age. So I think they need different brochures. When I’ve started to work with this task the first to decide was what brochure I will make – for girls or for boys. Well, I’m a girl myself so I’ve decided to make a brochure for girls. My character is a skinny little teenage girl with dark hair, as I was one myself.

I’ve decided to made three illustrations for three main teenage problems on the girl side:

  • the beginning of the first period
  • acne
  • problems with parents






It is said in the task that it should be made with humour. That’s why on the cover with the title “What’s happening to my body? It’s all going mad!” I’ve placed my character with her body literally going mad. I think such cover would catch the attention of teenager. Moreover, during the teen age children start to grow fast, and it could happen not quite proportionally. So my humorous cover contains some truth.


Illustration 1: girls periods2-01


Illustration 2 : acne4-01

Illustration 3: problems with parents





That’s my brochure folded.

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