Assignment five: Seven days

The brief The title is Seven days. These can be the seven days of the week or random days that tell a story. Your interpretation can be objective or subjective. You can produce seven separate, one large diagrammatic or a continuous strip illustration. You need to write yourself a brief that is clear and challenging but manageable. 

I’ve been thinking for a long time what would my seven days be about. 7 is a very special number. First of I decided to recall what people associated number 7 with.

Here’s the list of things which I could remember by myself.

  • 7 days of the week
  • 7  wonders of the world
  • 7  days of creation
  • 7  deadly sins
  • 7  colours of the rainbow
  • 7  musical notes (Do–Re–Mi–Fa–Sol–La–Si)
  • 7  dwarfs ( “Snow White”)
  • 7  little goats (“The wolf and the seven young kids”)

Then I made a decision to google 7 number to check unless I had missed something or to find some new ideas for this task.

Here are some new items for my list:

  • 7  voyages of Sinbad
  • 7  chakras
  • 7  seas
  • 7 Muses (History, Poetry, Comedy, Tragedy, Music, Dance and Astronomy)

And finally I have found an idea which I like the most. There are Seven Planets wich suit for each day of the week.

Heptagram showing the Planetary Weekdays





The Seven Alchemical Metals & Planets of the Week

The first version of the brief I wrote for myself was to make an illustration for a magazine cover. The illustration should be a part of an article from this magazine called “7 planets of the week”. The target audience of this journal are men and women 25-40 years old. The cover should be on A4 format.



Development process





At some point I’ve decided that I want to make something bright and colourful, so it should be much more interesting to make a cover for children’s magazine, not adult’s one. So I’ve changed the brief.

So, here is my updated brief:

A cover for a children’s science magazine. I even found a title for it, “WONDER”. The cover should contain an illustration for one of the articles in the journal, called “Why are there 7 days in a week?”. This article should be written in an open and interactive form and tell children why there are 7 days in a week, not eight, nine or ten. The target audience are children 5-8 years old, so the cover should be really vivid and colourful. And of an A4 format.
I’ve researched children’s science magazines.

12 Magazine Subscriptions For Kids Who Are Into Art, Science, Nature, And Getting Mail

There is one I’ve loved the most called “OKIDO” and I’ve made an inspiring selection of this magazine’s covers.


At first I’ve been thinking to use the diagram that I’ve made before for this cover, but then I’ve realized that diagrams are too boring for children.




So what fits the “science for children” theme? Well, I think space and finger counting would work. As a result i got this cover.


 There is an answer to the question “Why are there 7 days in a week” hidden in the picture. Hidden because 7 planets and the symbols for them are between plenty of stars on my cover. And after one reads the article everything will be clear and all the planets will align.

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