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A selection of my favorite work


Reflection of the whole course

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A selection of my favorite work

 A small description, few images and a link where you can get to the post with particular task and read more about it.

 Exercise: The history of illustration


For the first exercise I had to choose some of contemporart illustrators and to try make an illustration in appropriate style myself.

I like her work a lot. And her style is so close to mine that for this task I’ve made one of my best illustrations and really loved the process.

part 1 the history of illustration

Exercise: Exploring drawing and painting


While rexploring different unusual ways of drawing I’ve made some interesting and unique works.



Exercise: Museum posters


For this exercise I had to visit some exhibition and make 3 poster for it: for adults, teenagers and children.I went to the Museum of Modern Art to the exhibition of futuristic haute couture shoes “Genesis”. There was a lot of iteresting shoe models. Here are photos of shoes chosen for the posters.


Here are the posters.


I was quite satisfied both by visiting an exhibition and by the work process during this task.

Exercise: A tattoo


For this exercise I was trying to do an unordinary and stylish tatoo and I hope I’ve managed to accomplish it.

tattoo 2

Exercise: Abstract illustration


It was great to draw an abstract illustration listening to sounds of spanish guitar.


 Exercise: Giving instructions


Nothing unnecessary.



 Exercise: Editorial illustration




Exercise: Educational strip






Assignment one: Say hello


For this task I should have made a postcard, which describes myself in some way. After giving it a serious though I’ve decided that I don’t really know myself and tryed to express it in my work. A postcard is made in grattage technique. For this technique you make a colorful background first. After that, you cover it either with  yolk. Than you cover it with ink. When the ink dryes, you can start scracting out the picture.  The process itself, when the picture is slowly appearing from the darkness perfectly describes the process of learning about yourself.



Assignment two: Point of sale display


Autumn poster

assignment 1.2

Summer poster

assignment 2.2


Assignment three: A poster


My inspiration for this task were various wind instruments.



Assignment four: Magazine illustration


For this assignment I’ve decided to make an illustration for the topic “Lost”. And drew a lonely glove on the railing waiting for its owner. The painting is monochrome because the loss is always a sad thing.



Assignment five: Seven days


After reading a brief for this task first time I’ve imagined some 7-day comic strip story. But I’ve started to think about other interpretations of the brief and got a totally different result.


Reflection of the whole course

Three years ago I’ve decided that I want to be a graphic designer and started my education in OCA with the course of graphic design itself. I’ve chosen design because I’ve always loved to draw, but I was convinced that my skills in drawing are not good enough to become an artist or an illustrator. And I’ve thought that my skills should be sufficient to become a graphic designer only. I’ve been drawing for myself only when I had enough time and right mood. This way of drawing have one serious flaw. When you are drawing for yourself you are not achieving a purpose, you are only enjoying a process. Because of this fact most of my early works were left unfinished. I’ve stopped to draw as soon as my inspiration ended and almost never returned to finish something old. If I were able to take the course of graphic design level 2 after I’ve finished the first level I would took it right away and would never try myself in illustration. And would live with the thought that I can’t draw. The illustration course made me to realize one important thing: there is no such thing like “can draw” or “cannot draw”. Creation is based on work. And I’ve finally understood what is to work for the result. I’ve realized that having a creative impulse is not enough to draw something worthwhile. Everything I’ve made during this course are the result of long and intensive work. Also during this course I’ve made few things I really loved, and I am proud to show them to my family and friends. Sometimes when during the creative crisis I’ve started to think that I am not skilled enough to draw I’ve returned to my old works and said to myself: “Look, this is made by you. You can make it. Pull yourself together and work harder” and it helped a lot. I’ve spent a lot of time for this course because it is really important for me to be satisfied of what I am doing. And I’ve tried my best to make the illustrations for exercises and assignments of this course in the way I’ve imagined they should be.


Tutor reports

Karina Lozovaia 513153 Tutor report A1 illustration 1

Karina Lozovaia 513153 Tutor report A2 illustration 1

Karina Lozovaia 513153 Tutor report A3 illustration 1

Karina Lozovaia 513153 Tutor report A4 illustration 1

Karina Lozovaia 513153 Tutor report A5 illustration 1


Sketchbook Karina Lozovaia 513153 illustration 1

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