Exercise: Editorial Illustration

Imagine that you’ve have been commissioned by the paper to create an illustration. Your task is to provide a visual interpretation of one of the headings below:
  • How green is your food?
  • The best restaurant in town.
  • Loves me, loves me not
  • Throwing your money away
  • The object of my desire
  • Finding your family history
  • An interview with Melvin Bragg
  • Paris, still the best place on earth


I’ve decided to draw an illustration for the heading ” The best restaurant in town”. I’ve chosen it because after reading the current heading I already knew what exactly I wanted to draw.
There’s a well known place icon which is used to mark different locations on the map. It perfectly suits for marking usual places, but our restaurant is not one of those places. It is very special. People love this restaurant. That’s why I’ve decided to modify the usual icon and make it in the shape of a heart. This new icon is still recognizable. But now it is clear that it means the favorite place in the town.

The symbol of a location usually cant be separated from a map where this place belongs so I’ve made a schematic map too. To make it look more relevant and more like an illustration for a restaurant article I’ve placed a map on a plate.

First of all I’ve made a pencil drawing for my illustration

Then I colored it

And finally I scanned my illustration and finalized it on PC

Here’s the result

I also made an invert version of this illustration and I liked the result toowow00
 Then thought how the magazine article with my illustration would look like. Is it better to make two pages or one page will be enough? I’ve chosen the second option.

Making a choice is always difficult for me. It was pretty hard to decide which  of the two illustrations I’ve made I love the most.  So I’ve made two articles with both of them.



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