Exercise: Museum posters

Exercise: Museum posters You have been asked to produce three illustrations be used as part of a series of A3 posters to publicise the museum to the following audiences:

  • Child aged 5–9
  • Teenager (13–16)
  • General adult audience

Go to your local museum or anywhere that has a range of interesting artefacts to gather good visual references. Choose exhibits which are either appropriate for each of the audiences or which you think can be made interesting for the audience through your visual intervention.


I went to the Museum of Modern Art to the exhibition of futuristic haute couture shoes “Genesis”.




Poster #1

I decided to start with a poster for teenagers, because I came up with an idea what to depict while I was on the exhibition.


These shoes are made by designer Anastasia Radevich, she  name them “lost generation”. These shoes has daring and original design. That’s exactly what we need for the poster.

Other works of Anastasia Radevich were also displayed on the exhibition. Each pair of shoes of this designer  is a unique masterpiece. Here’s the link to her website:



So I decided what I will draw. And the next question is what style and drawing technique  to choose.

When I was looking for illustrators who work with watercolours for my first assignment, I was really inspired by  Stina Persson. I looked through her website and found some of her drawings which style I decided to use in my illustration for the poster for teenagers.

Here is an inspirational set of drawings.



Here is my illustration.


In the beginning I wanted to make the title and information about the exhibition exactly  the same for 3 posters. However, while I was working on the first poster I changed my mind. I made few variations how to present information on the poster and decided that variants below suited perfectly for the adults’ poster, but not for the other two.




I believe that this style of font  fits best for the poster.text-01


I think it looks better. Now poster looks complete.


Here is the final version.

poster mini ready-01


Poster #2

I decided to depict Invisible Shoe by Andreia Chaves on the adults’ poster because I believe its geometrical form fits well for the poster.

Here they are.




In the beginning I worked with pastel shades, but then I decided that poster would look better if I  used black and white color scheme. Moreover, strict monochrome poster is right for adult audience.




Final version

adolt poster-01



Poster #3

I decided to draw poster for kids after all others as it was the most difficult one. How to make adults shoes appealing for kids? For a long time I had  no ideas at all, but then I came up with 3 ideas. They are based on things that kids like.

As example, kids like circus. Take a look at these shoes.

They look exactly like stilts! I could draw a bright poster in style of old circus posters and depict a girl wearing these shoes. This will definitely attract kids’ attention to the poster.

What else do kids like? Magic! I could draw Invisible Shoe by Andreia Chaves on the poster. Invisible Shoe is magical, isn’t it? Unfortunately, I used these shoes for the illustration on the adults’ poster. And I  didn’t want to use reiterative illustrations on the posters.  That’s why I’m not gonna depict them on the kids’ one, even though I like the idea.


Also kids like animals. On the exhibition I found shoes which look like rhinoceros. I thought that if I depicted them alive on the poster it would be a great kids’ poster .



Final version of the poster for kids.

children poster-01

Here are all three posters. In my opinion it is easy to define the target audience of each poster.


Also I decided that on the kids’ and teenagers’ posters  minimum information about the exhibition should be presented. It is unlikely that they know designers, whose works are presented on the exhibition.  On the adults’ poster I thought it is essential.

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