Exercise: Making a mock-up

For this exercise you are going to mock-up a book cover.

I’ve decided to choose from the books I’ve already read. Somehow I feel that it’s not right to make a cover for a book you’ve never read.

I’ve chosen an Andy Warhol’s book “The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B & Back Again)”.

This is how the original cover of my book looks like.



I’ve found few other existing covers.

over set-01


But there was only one I’ve really liked. This one.


The covers design is a copy of a Campbell’s soup can. I think it’s a good solution, it’s simple and clear.

I’ve started with making a small mindmap about And Warhol.


I’ve analyzed everything written there and chosen 2 paragraphs that could probably work really good together.

This is what was my inspiration for a new cover.

flower stripe

Flowers and strips. Andy Warhol often wore a striped sailor shirt.

I think Andy Warhol’s cover should be simple but bright and spectacular at the same time. I’ve tried my best to make my cover look like this.


I think that when you are doing a book cover, you should try to make text and an illustration look as two parts of one whole. You shouldn’t get a feeling that text is fighting against an illustration when you look at the cover. I hope I’ve managed to achieve this and on my cover book’s title works together with an illustration.


I even had an idea to make a title itself be a main part of the cover.

rom to-01

Working with this idea i had a ping pong game on my mind – A is playing with B, and it works in both sides.


I didn’t even think seriously about this idea, but I did enjoy the time thinking about it and developing it a bit.


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