Exercise: Client visuals

For this task I’ve chosen works of Amy Sol and Cory Godbey. They both have their own unique and recognizable style. Their works are also quite detailed, and that’s exactly what I need for this task. And, well, I really like what they do and it will be pleasure to work with their illustrations.

I’ve started to work with this illustration by Cory Godbey. Here it is.

cory blog-01


I’ve started with the “more detailed version” not by chance. The less lanes there is – the harder the task is. To get a good result with it I have to understand the image first. To determine what is necessary and what can be thrown away. The best way to do it – to draw it.


scan full detail blog



scan min detail blog

I’ve removed most of the lines but the illustration still works.


Give yourself space of a couple of days and then refer back to the original illustration and evaluate how honest your visual is to its source

When I checked this task few days later, I’ve decided that the latter image still contains too much visual. I’ve started to fix it and removed more. It may be possible that you can remove even more, but I felt that I should keep the wind and the smooth wool of unknown forest monster in there.


scan min min detail blog


All three for easy comparison.

cory combo-01



As a second one I’ve chosen an illustration by Amy Sol. It’s called After The Rain.


During the first one I realized that it would probably be much easier to draw it on the computer, so I can just remove lines later. During the process itself I’ve met the fact that I did overestimate my abilities. To draw your own pictures using a tablet is one thing, but to copy the painting of another author is a completely different. I lacked a huge piece of practical knowledge. But well, I’ve started it and I cannot drop it. In the end this task was the perfect practical education for my tablet-drawing skills. If you look on the result, you an easily tell where I’ve stated to draw and where I’ve finished. The progress could be seen.


full detail1-01


Итак, закончив работу над полной версией, я начала убирать лишние линии. Убрала. Вот, что получилось.


middle blog-01


This is just no right. My plan has failed. To make a easiest and simple visual you need to work with the lines form. To think. And not just remove the rest. I’ve tried to keep it together and fixed it again. Here is the result.




For comparison.


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