Assignment three: A poster

After reading the task, I’ve immediately decided to make a poster for jazz evening. Can’t say I listen jazz much, but I kind of like it.

When I’ve started to create the spider diagram, I suddenly realized that I know nothing about jazz. There are lots of scraps in my head, but they don’t show me the full picture. I even don’t know when or where was it born, not speaking about it’s development. At this point I had to admit that the main thing which comes to my mind with the word “jazz” is a saxophone.

Well, it should be fixed. I had to learn more about it before starting the task. I want myself to know what jazz is when I would start working at the poster. I can’t feel myself comfortable without it. Yeah, I can make a poster with an image of saxophone, and it would be fine. But I want to understand the meaning of this music and to show it on my poster.

The next week could easily be called “a jazz week”. Every evening I’ve been listening jazz music  and watched something about it. For example I’ve watched wonderful documentary TV series “Jazz” by Ken Burns and few really exciting movies to catch the atmosphere.

After this week I had enough information and tried to take the most important from it. Like one jazz critic said: it’s hard to understand where jazz starts and where jazz ends. It’s easier to feel then to describe. But I’ve tried to write down few thesis which could describe jazz from my point of view. Here they are:

  • Jazz is an image of America. The result of white and black cultures merge.
  • Jazz is always different, changing and alive.
  • Jazz is an art of collective improvisation.
  • Jazz is a freedom. Freedom to create new.

After understanding these facts, I’ve decided that I have to draw an abstract illustration for this poster. I think the genre of abstract drawing is somehow related to the jazz style in music. I think there is no better way to express the free soul of jazz then an abstract illustration inspired by the music itself.

I’ve started to think about what could be taken as a start. And decided to make an illustration with an abstract mirrored jazz orchestra.

Jazz is a solo art since the times of Louis Armstrong who made the jazz become an art of solo play from an art of collective music. This could be reflected at the image by using one big main object and few smaller ones.





I’ve decided to start with drawing jazz instruments in my sketchbook. And found a photo of this trumpet. And it truly astonished me. I could let my eyes away from it. This trumpet is a true piece of art.



In general, I’ve decided to search in this direction and found out that for me such instruments are truly inspiring. At the end I had a collection of around 50 inspiring photos of winds, and the best are shown  below.


combo big one-01


So, I’ve decided that instruments like these will become the main theme of my illustration. I’ve practiced in drawing different trumps in sketchbook ad with the music of Louis Armstrong started to work.






Here is the result.



The next problem was to choose the relevant font. I’ve found a great article about jazz with a set of Free classy Jazz Age fonts or free 1920s fonts. It helped me a lot with the font question.



Quite simple and clear.



I’ve chosen the most relevant from my point of view.



The only thing left – the colours. I’ve started from the fact that it’s a jazz evening. And it should have a corresponding design. Bright colours are more of morning style. And my poster is about evening time, jazz music and neon ads.

Final version.


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