Exercise: Illustrating visual space

Using internet searches or your own visual references select an image of a tree, a child running or walking and a building

I needed to choose something to work with, and I’ve chosen these images. The main criteria was to get images which could be easily combined together into collages which should look like one big original image. Well, i didn’t resist temptation to choose the house of the Addams family.




I’ve also decided to use adobe photoshop for this task. The reason for this decision is the fact that I know that it will allow me to work faster, bolder and more accurate. Moreover, working with some images I allowed myself to change colour saturation a little bit and made objects on the rear layer to be a little less bright and contrast then objects from the front layer. It allows me to create the feeling of the space better. Working with paper and scissors I didn’t have any tool like that, while sometimes it was necessary. Not because the “make it better” thing. I was choosing the images so they don’t get lost on the white background. Obviously, they all were dark enough, causing them to merge visually when I had to impose one on another.

During this task I tried not to go against reality. I kept the perspective rules in mind and imagined where from do I look on each image. In general, just tried my best to make the pictures look closer to reality.

That’s what I got.


















• If all the elements are completely horizontal and vertical in relation to the frame what dynamic is suggested? What is your opinion about this image and what sensation does it communicate?

In most of my pictures the dynamics of movement are made by the figure of the running boy. We look at picture like this and think that the boy, probably, ran out of the house, passed just next to the tree and here he is, running straight to us. If we can put all the objects on one line – we stand far enough and get a feeling that we watch from the distance. We see a small boy’s figure. What does he do? Stands? Runs? We can’t tell.
I would describe this kind of dynamics with the word – STATIC.



• If the elements are at differing angles to each other and at an angle to the frame, what dynamic is suggested?

For me, dynamics like this is associated with something quite dynamic. Extremely dynamic. I found some corresponding photos. They have not only an object, but the horizon itself positioned on diagonal to the border. And the horizon doesnt even exist on last photo.


The next association is – zero gravity.


Another association is MESS. An image, where all objects are positioned with different angles to each other often look like someone just cut all these objects one by one, put on paper and forgot to create any links between them.

The keys I’ve chosen for this kind of layout: Movement. Speed. Fall. Flight. Chaos.

In a free flight.



• Which is your favourite composition? Explain why you feel it is most successful.

I think I like this the most. It’s a task to work with space, and it feels greatly here. This picture doesnt look like a collage but more like a photo.



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