Assignment five: Abigail’s Party

“Oh no! No choice, please!” – that was my first thought directly after I’ve read the task. I always have big problems with choosing. I even think that I don’t spend enough time on idea development because if I have few good options I just cannot choose one of them to finish. In the end I work through them all and don’t get anything finished. That’s why if I have a really good idea I just start working with it only.

Well, it’s easy this time, the choice is obious. I’ve made a book cover design recently, and I want to try something new. And charity sale just cannot compete with the poster in my beloved 70s style.

So, brief №2 Abigail’s Party.

For me, 70s are the time of freedom. I love this time for it’s liberal and a little bit crazy spirit. Of course, youths culture is more interesting for me, but when I’ve read about the middle class in this brief, I’ve imagined something like popular “Madmen” TV series.

I’m not familiar with the original, so I had to watch the movie version. It was a big surprise. To be honest, it was the dumbest party I’ve ever seen. It would much more interesting and enjoying to look at Abigail’s party all these 2 hours. There were no pleasant characters at all. And the actors are acting so good, that it all looks frighteningly convincing.

It’s really funny that they didn’t really show us Abigail’s party itself, although it was affecting the plot all the time. Two so different partys at the same time and located nearby.

I’ve started the task with finding the original posters.


abigail_poster     Abigail's_Party     abigails_party_poster_large-206ce07d05df4e6198938ec0be62a953

abigails-party    1    2


Speaking the truth, all these posters excluding the last one look completely obsolete.

There are few details in the movie, which make a big impact. Alcohol, vinyl and cigarettes. These are main three things which were imposed by Beverly to her guests. They are around during all the performance. Beverly doesn’t put cigarettes away even when her husband got seizure. I should try these things in my design.

But I have another idea, which i loved the best.

Beverly is a real manipulator. During all the performance she imposes her opinion ignoring the others, making them doing what they don’t want to do. One of the best examples – the scene when she forced two guests, who were trying to quit smoking to smoke again. She is a puppeteer, and all other characters are her puppets.


Beverly herself. With never ending cigarette in her fingers. I am still not very good at vector drawing, so I’ve literally made her up from pieces.










And here are our puppets. I’ve tryed to make them similar to actors playing in the movie. Su is a “grey mouse” – you don’t really notice her even when she stands first.


Working with the poster.

poster process2-01   poster process1-01   poster process3-01

poster process4-01   poster process5-01   poster process6-01

poster process8-01   poster process7-01   poster finished

While working on this, I’ve thought that Beverly is a puppet (to some extent) herself. The only difference is that she is puppeted not by other person, but by public opinion and fashion. That’s why she has threads too.

Another problem was the fact that the performance will take place not in one theater, but in four. Even if I will put only dates of performance, it will look quite heavy. I don’t really like overweighted designs. I don’t want to put the ticket price and the time of performance (to be honest, I’ve never seen posters with price printed on it), but I can’t skip the dates. I’ve tryed to make this part really small, but still left it easy to understand. What about the time – I think the phrase “friday night & saturday matenee” fits perfectly, while the exact time changes from theater to theater. It would be much better to give the detailed information on the flier.

For some time I was thinking about how to place the information right. Well, somewhere there should be less information, somewhere – more. I ranged it in ascending order:

1) Programme – people have already bought the tickets, and it doesn’t need to have any information on the cover. Everyting needed is inside.

2) Poster – from my point of view poster should make a really strong visual impact. It’s big, and the image will be seen from the distance, while text will be lost. It’s nessesary for the poster to have a website link, so people can search for additional information easely.

3) Advertising – a small version of poster. It’s not supposed to be seen from the distance, that’s why I am not using a picture there. There should be some information plus some text advertising. At this particular one I will put an ecstatic review.

4) Flier – there are two sides, which make it quite comfortable to print big amounts of information.




This is the final version of the poster looke like this. Actually, doesn’t look like what I’ve wanted to get.

poster process9-01


That’s why while working at the flier, programme and advertising I’ve expiremented with the colours.

process set-01

I’ve loved how do minimalistic versions look like. Some details are lost in this way, but the hole image and idea are still clear. Even more clear than before, I’d say. So I’ve decided to decrease the number of colours to three: orange, brown and bright creamy colour. It’s quite a natural gamma for the 70s, so it fits the perfomance very good.


It’s my new poster. Beverly on it looks like a real hostess from hell. Just like planned.





flyer side1-01

flyer side2-01


flyer side1-01     flyer side2-01


There are two sides on the flier, so I’ve decided to put the information about the performance on a first side: short description, review and cast. Looking at the first side a person can understand what is the performance about and decide is it interesting for him or not. If it is, all the information about tickets, date, time etc is on the other side. Actually, I don’t have a front and back sides: every side is colorfull and catchy.




 Ad is a mix from the information from the both sides of the flier.



асс программа-01

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