Assignment four: Show me…


To be honest, when I’ve read the task, I’ve panicked. I didn’t create any fonts before, nevertheless. Of course, the first thing came to mind is that it would be perfect to have my own handwriting font, but my handwriting is really bad, and i don’t think such font would look good on the cover.

I’ve started to explore the information to understand what to begin with, and what options do I have.

I still didn’t finish few exercises, and I am far from completing the main assignment, but I decided to start exploring different methods of font designing beforehand to not leave it for the last moment. Also such preparation work will distract me from the creative process.

I’ve started with searching some apps which help to create fonts and are targeted on novices. The most attractive was the Fontstruct app.

Fontstruct is a web application for font designing, where visual interface is so simple and handy that everyone can start right away. After your font is ready, you can download it (as TrueType) and/or publish it in the gallery. Users of Fontstruct can publish, vote and download fonts, creating typesetting communities.

This app impressed me, but I’ve decided to design my first font without any apps to get grasp of process details. I’ve also chosen to create decorative font from the very beginning, due to the fact that one should’nt create any usual font with serifs using any apps, without good level of general typesetting knowledge. I am not sure that I always can distinguish one sans serif from another, so I wouldn’t like to spend time on creating a font without any particular personality. I also understand that creating a font that will be easy to read and look good at the same time is a really hard job. People are spending years to learn it. I can’t deny that decorative font gives much more freedom of expression though.

I’ve started with determining what font exactly do I want.










And then realised that I am really into drawing decorations cosisting of curls, and decided that my font will should be really curly.

I’ve drawn letters sketches in my sketchboo and then started to trace them in Adobe Illustrator. In fact, when I was beginning this assignment, I didn’t use pen tool quite well, so it was a good practice and when I was at letter Z I was feeling much more comfortable, and the process went fast and smoothly.


p1    p2


Размышления над некоторыми начертаниями букв






This is how the final version of the font looks like. For the final revisions I’ve printed it out to look how does it look like on paper and fixed some things.


almost ready font        scan


And this is the result.


ready font


Working on a cover. I think that the word “type” written with my font horizontally looks boring. I would’t like to make my cover boring, so I’ve chosen to write it upright.






f14     f6     f7

f12     f8     f9

f10     f16    f15


Two last revisions created an impression of something Japanese-styled. To think of it, my font written upright looks quite similar to Japanese characters. I’ve decided to develop this topic futher and drawed a Japanese plate of noodles as a cover illustration.



night-breeze                          noo        IMG_9933行書





coverj1    coverj3    coverj4

coverj5    coverj6    coverj7




Final revision.







Working on the article:

a1   a2   a3

a4    a5a9

a11   a6     a7



From the very beginning I’ve decided to use 2 pages so to not waste the space I showed the details of the font directly in the heading. The only thing left is to add some small explanation.



The most common version of the origins of question mark is that it came from latin letters q and o. Originally they wrote q above o and then it transformed to conteporary question mark. I’ve decided to add this into the article and fount a most corresponding font to show the evolution of question mark visually. The 4th revision looks the best, so I’ll leave it.


I’ve also decided to use the old version of question mark in the header.


There also exists a funny story, that the question mark orinates from the cat’s tail. It’s general knowledge that cats are quite curious. This is just a legend, but sounds cute, so I’ve added it to the article.

This is how I search for  the new tail for my cat – a question mark.

Final revision:


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