Exercise: Signs and symbols

“In this exercise you wil read existing signs, symbols and images, and then drawing on their visual language create your own symbols.


I’m offered to come up with a new symbol for one of the following words: danger, movement, love, here.
So far, words “danger” and “love” are the most interesting for me, but “love” already has a well-established brand symbol, which will be difficult to compete with: a heart.
Word “danger” is the one left. There also are some popular symbols used to designate this word, for example – big exclamation mark, a skull with bones, lightning etc, etc.
That means danger can be different, while everyone thinks of the same concept when it comes to love. That’s why I’ve chosen “danger” to re-design it.




I believe that the “danger” symbol must appeal not to the experience accumulated by particular person, but to the animal instincts.
For example, a person with little life experience can misunderstand the meaning of the black exclamation mark on a yellow background. I mean, the “danger” symbol should be obvious and clear even for a child.
I wondered, how should the danger symbol look like to stop me from entering the door where this sign would be located. That reminded me about a PC game called “Limbo”, it kept me in nervous tension all the time I was playing it because of danger lurking everywhere in the form of huge spiders with thin sharp claws. They terribly frightened me. And I thought – if it was any sign giving this kind of feeling on the door, I would never enter it.



spiders test



The second fact about “danger” signs is the fact that it should be bright and noticeable. I think it goes back to wildlife, where poisonous creatures usually wear bright colours. Yellow, red and black are the main colours used for the “danger” signs, and I will use them too, since it really makes sense.

As you know, lots of people are afraid of spiders. Actually, people are afraid of many different things: snakes, scorpions, sharks or wolfs, but spiders seem to be the best option for me.


spider versions



This symbol seems to be the best, it gives just the right feeling.




Another one, just for fun.

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