Exercise: Working to a brief

Brief 1

The task is to create packaging for Quaker’s new “Chilled Creamy Oats”

Our product is a healthy snack for young active women, who like the idea of oats for their natural godness but find the idea of eating them blend and unappealing.

According to this statement the only thing that stop our potential customers to become our real customers is oat’s taste. There’s no doubt that oats are healthy and natural.

I would recommended to target all potential client’s attention at good taste of our produst. We should make them to doubt their old point of view and to become interested in trying the product by themselves.

The slogan may sound like: Oats have never been that delicious. Try and make sure yourself!

What about the design of the package itself, it should be bright and spectacular so nobody even thinks about the tasteless oats inside it.

Keywords: natural, healthy, snack

Idea: young mother enters the room and see that her 5-year old son and his friend are secretly (and with great pleasure) eating her “chilled creamy oats” wich they stole from the fridge. It’s a given that children like tasty snacks and sometimes try to steal cookies or chocolate bars from the kitchen while mother looks away. With this kind of ad the connection between this fact and the oats become obvious: these oats are so delicious that children even want to steal them.


The task and the target audience of this brief are clear for me. I don’t have any questions to the client at this stage.


Brief 2

This brief challenges me to take a metaphorical journey on the theme of connections.

As far as I understand, I should determine the target for this brief by myself. Such freedom makes the task easy and complicated at the same time. There’s no client and no need to sell or advert anything.

That’s realy unusual but interesting.

A lot to think about…

I thought for a while and desided that I would choose theme of travelling through the mind. I want to take a long journey from dream to reality.

Keywords: journey, metaphorical, connections, imagination


Brief 3

This brief is all about social advertising. It aims to warn children about the consequences of alcoholism to prevent them from starting to drink.

For me it’s the most important and serious brief. PSA may be assumed successful if it makes at least few person to think about this.

I would highly recommended to place an advertisement at a teenage fashion magazine or to place posters among the places visited by teenagers: cinemas, adventure parcs or coffee shops. It would be a bad idea to place this kind of advertisiment at schools because most of childrenn usually dislike everything about the school and things connected to the school. Direct guiding by parents or teachers doesn’t work on children. They like to deside by themselves what is better for them, and resist the direct pressure.

Keywords: alcohol, children, awareness

The client is open to ideas about the media or format I think is most appropriate to reach the target audience.

I have few ideas for anti-alcohol campaign:

Ice cream vs alcohol

Teenagers between 13 and 16 are still children in their hearts. I guess it would be nice to create something funny and touching. For example, compare alcohol with ice-cream.


icecream vs alcohol ready


Ice-cream is obviously a right choice. Many children do not realy find the taste of alcohol attractive and drink it just because the others do it or just to feel older. I think it’s good to remind them about it once more.

Alcohol dependencce

Alcohol dependencce is also an important theme. It goes for given that teens desperately wish to become independent adults, but it doesn’t mean that they want to become chemically dependent alcoholics. We just need to show them what it can develop into. On my poster it’s shown visually where it all begins and where it all ends.


alcohol addiction


Idea for a rehab center or for a sef help brochure

Alcohol can destroy relationships with parents and friends. It creates an invisible barrier between you and other people just as if yo get stuck in the glass bottle.





I’ve seen a painting in the Internet with a girl, climbing out from the bottle, and immidiately thought that it could be a perfect idea for an illustration for the fighting with alcoholic dependance.

From these three briefs I would have chosen the third one. Children alcoholism was an issue for centuries. And it’s a big challenge to create an add wich could realy decreasethe number of teenagers who are drinking alcohol. Moreover, I was a  teenager only few years ago, and I clearly remember how teenage state of mind looks like.

First brief is rounded by heavy restrictions whike while second brief is the most blurred one.

Apeaking about rules, the more detailed is the task – the easier to work but freedom of creativeness decreases accordingly.

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