Exercise: Visualising your ideas

You have been asked to design a leaflet for an organisation, inviting people to to volunteer for a task. The organisers are particularly interested in trying to attract new people. Your job is to find a way to make people want to pick up the leaflet. Be creative and playful in developing a range of ideas.

To say the truth, this task wasn’t asy to me. Thinking about the form and contents of the leaflet I spend a lot of time and paper with no result. I was realy tired and my mind was blank, so I made a paper plane from one of the wasted sheets of pape nd sent it to fly across the room…

When I pick it up, the idea was already at my mind.

So, imagine a nice shiny day. A young man slowly walks down the street and sends paper planes to fly around. Some of the plaines reach their recepients right away, some are just lying on the street. But a man doesn’t hurry to pick them up, letting someone who doesn’t tolerate litter on the street to pick it up.

So, someone picks p one plane and discovers a message that volunteers for cleaning some park of the litter are needed. The message on the plane also says that all the informaton is provided inside the plane.

This kind of leaflet distribution could look ineffective from the first sight. It’s much easier to print a big amount of usual leaflets, that are not supposed to be bended. You spend a lot of time to make one plane like this, and this is bad in terms of global performance. That’s why I’ve used a small trick.

The message on the plane reccommends a person who picked it not to thow it into a trash bin, but to let someone else to pick it up. But it’s not the main thing. More importantly, the person who picks up the litter onthe street to throw it into the trash bin is much closer to the target audience than any random guy on the street and with high chances will be interested in event.

I’ll try to show you how it could look like.

Something lies on the ground! It’s not right. I have to pick it up and throw it in the trash can.


 Wow, this is a plane. And it’s written here that volunteers are needed. What for, I wonder…


They want me to join the fight against litter! Wow, I hate litter!


 Okay, I’m in.


The paper size is A5. It’s quite useful and you don’t spend much paper. You can make two planes from one A4 sheet. And everyone can print these leaflets at home on the usual black and white printer.

leaflet ready-01

P.S. It’s much better to use recycled paper.

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