Exercise: Point of sale display

Your local green grocer has asked you to produce a point of sale display to go above the fruit and vegetables in their shop.


Goods: fruits and vegetables

Purpose: to make sales to go up

Neighbours: shoe shop, bakery, news agensy, primary school

Primary school located nearby gives us great oppotunities. Mothers always pick up children from school and they are also always concerned about their children’s health and cook healthy food for them: and there’s no food healthier than fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately for us, children usually prefure sweets to healthy food. But they do love colorful shiny pictures. Mother when taking her child home from school can point at the colorful picture which will catch child’s attention and they will enter the shop and buy some fruits on their way home.

When I read this task I immediately start to imagine a colorful picture with fruits for this shop, where the Sun will be an orrange and trees will become broccoli.

I’ve been thinking what should I write on the poster and finally decided that fruits and vegetables don’t require any kind of introduction. Everyone(excluding children) already know how heathy and tasty the are. This is why I’ve decided not to write anything excess on the poster thus focusing attention on the main qualities of vegetables and fruits, the reasons to buy them. Fruits & Vegetables: organic, healthy, fresh.


The process




 Final poster



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