Exercise: Picture charades

 Working on this excersize I’ve chosen widly known movies and books on purpose, it will allow all my friends to understand the source.

Alice in Wonderland

Famous smile




I don’t like too obvious charades, that’s why I didn’t draw a house flying on balloons, and did an up arrow instead. It corresponds the cartoon name and the form looks like a house.



The Fifth Element

I like the idea which I’ve used in creation of this charade. In the movie all the plot is based on magic stones and each stone matches one of the four elements. And the girl is the fifth element herself. I’ve added that “elemental” girl in the line to other triangles.





Harry Potter

Speaking the truth, you can make indefinite number of charades about Harry Potter. The symbol of the Gifts of Death came up to my mind first, probably because I’ve worked with triangles in the previous charade.


The Addams Family

A Clockwork Orange

The Littele Prince

One of my friends still found that it looks like a hat…



8 Women

It’s a French dark comedy musical film, written and directed by François Ozon. First I’ve made it and then realised that the number eight and the woman symbol should swap places.

Batman, Spiderman, X-men

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