Assignment three: Colour me

“Choose a colour that has a meaning that you want to explore and celebrate. Think about what the colour you have chosen means both to you and
to other people and create something that celebrates that meaning…”


I chose an orange colour. It can be associated with different things in different seasons. For example, at summer orange can remind of burning sunset. In the early autumn – with yellow leaves. But when the leaves have all fallen, and sky is always dark and you can’t see any sunsets, comes the time of orange pumpkins of Halloween. The Orange of Halloween – this is my first poster.


Poster 1


It contains all the musts of Halloween: pumpkins, costume guy, and lots of candies at the background.


Poster 2


Orange is happy and energetic. Pipi is a little ginger freckled girl. I think she is living impersonation of orange colour.



Poster 3



And the last poster just contains all other sorts of things usually associated with orange colour.


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