Assignment one: Introdusing yourself

Design a series of at least three postcards (final size A6) that say something about who you are, your interests in graphic design and your wider cultural influences or interests.


1st postcard


I`ve decided to start with a postcard, that can give very general impression about me. That`s why there are a lot of things I love in the first postcard. There are music, travelling, cooking, pop-art, riding, anime of Hayao Miadzaki and my friends. I used some of my own photos and took photos from the Internet.


2nd postcard


Now I descend from general to particular. I`ve dedicated this postcard to music. I love music as everyone does. But everyone loves it particularly. Music has very important place in my life. It inspires me, motivates me and helps to stay myself.

3rd postcard


 I often doodle something while talking on the phone or watcing a movie. Sometimes I enjoy the result and I try to modify my odd scribble into something beautiful. That’s my favorite way of drawing when I don;t care about meaning but think a lot about design. It’s important part of me to create beautiful but unuseful or meaningless things – such as this postcard.


4th postcard


 I realy enjoy M.C. Escher’s artworks which could play tricks with the human eye. So, I tried to achieve a similar effect. That`s quite difficult, that`s why I haven`t thought to succeed. I scanned my drawings from sketchbook, cut them into pieces and put them together differently. I was captured by the process and the result exceeded my expectations.




6-01             7-01


2-01    4-01    1-01    Untitled-2-01




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